Joaquin Comins Tello

Lawyer. Degree in law.
Professor of the school of practice legal of the College of lawyers of Alzira, to which it belongs as a member since 1990.
Legal director of the firm.

His multidisciplinary education guarantee its legal advice to consider all aspects of law affecting the resolution of the matter.

For more than 15 years provides continued advice to many companies in the field of the protection of their intangible heritage: trademarks, patents, knowhow, technology, etc.

José Andrés Hernández room

Lawyer. Degree in law and political science.
It belongs to the College of lawyers of Alzira, from 2013.

Multidisciplinary training.

Maria of the Ferrero Peris LLuch

Diploma in tax, labor law and Social security by ESINE.

Thirty years of experience in the sector guarantee his work advising companies since its formation.

He heads the Advisory business tax, labor and accounting area team.

Elena Alemany Pérez

Documentary Organization and Management Accounting.
Customer Support.


En COMINS. Abogados y Asesores  nos preocupamos por nuestros clientes y por ello forjamos alianzas y colaboraciones con otros profesionales de diversos sectores que nos ayudan a que podamos ayudar a solucionar y sobre todo, a prevenir, los problemas de quienes acuden buscando nuestro asesoramiento. Las relaciones de confianza en el ámbito profesional que hemos forjado con ellos nos permiten recomendarlos en sus respectivas especialidades.

Abel Saus

Economist and Advisor Financial Planning.

Pascual Bernal

Organizational Psychologist.  PRL consultant.  Training Plans.

pascual bernal

Mario T. colombini

Architect. Specialist in modular prefabrication.

Manuel ferrando

Architect. Specialist in modular prefabrication.